Calorie Count for Juicing Fruits & Vegetables

A juicer making fresh orange juice.
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If you enjoy a flavorful beverage rich in nutrients, the answer doesn't necessarily sit in a bottle or carton. With a juicer and a selection of your favorite fruits and vegetables, you can whip up a healthy drink that's not only healthy, but also easy to digest. If you watch your calories to avoid weight gain, ensure your juicing habits don't lead to a significant caloric intake by carefully choosing the drink's ingredients.

Low-Calorie Fruits

If you want to keep your juice's caloric value on the lower side but still enjoy a fruity flavor, several low-calorie fruits are suitable. Two 3-inch slices of pineapple have 50 calories, as do one medium tangerine, eight medium strawberries and one-quarter of a medium-sized cantaloupe. Other low-calorie fruits to consider include grapefruit, which has 60 calories per half; peaches, with 60 calories per medium-sized fruit; and plums, which have about 70 calories per two medium-sized fruits.

Higher-Calorie Fruits

Several fruits provide a burst of flavor but contain around 100 calories per serving. One large apple has 130 calories and a medium-sized banana has 110 calories. Servings of fruit that total 100 calories include one medium-sized pear or a cup of sweet cherries. Grapes have 90 calories per three-quarter cup and a pair of kiwis also provides 90 calories. One medium-sized orange has 80 calories.


Most vegetables appropriate for using in a juicer aren't overly high in calories. One-third of a medium-sized cucumber has just 10 calories, while two medium-sized stalks of celery have 15 calories. One medium tomato has 25 calories and broccoli has 45 calories per medium-sized stalk. A 7-inch carrot has 30 calories. If you're concerned about calories, stay away from sweet potatoes. Despite their sweet flavor, they have 100 calories per medium-sized potato.

Find What Works For You

If you're new to juicing, it can take some time before you find the right blend of flavor and calories. Helpful tips include combining earthy-tasting vegetables or leafy greens with flavorful fruits such as apples or oranges. Lemon, which has just 15 calories per medium-sized fruit, adds a bright splash of flavor without significantly boosting the drink's calories. Water-rich vegetables such as cucumbers and celery help keep your juice on the lighter-tasting side, although juice with these vegetables often separates if you leave it the fridge. In this case, stir the drink before enjoying it.