Calories in Vegetable Gyoza

A plate of vegetable gyoza.
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Vegetable gyoza, also known as Japanese vegetable pot stickers, are a popular side dish at many Japanese restaurants. They are made with a slightly thick dough wrapper filled with a combination of finely chopped vegetables and seasonings and prepared in a variety of ways, including steamed, boiled or fried.



A typical vegetable gyoza is a single 0.7 oz. piece. Each piece of gyoza has 48 calories, according to CalorieKing. This calorie amount is for gyoza that is not fried.

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Calories From Nutrients

Each vegetable gyoza has 3g of fat or 27 calories from fat. One dumpling also has more than 4g of carbohydrates or almost 17 calories from carbs and 1g of protein or 4 calories from protein.


You can make vegetable gyoza yourself or find them in your grocer's freezer. The directions typically tell you to boil the gyoza in water and then pan-fry them until they're crispy. To avoid adding calories, skip the pan-frying and serve the pot stickers either boiled or steamed.




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