Calories in Hot Wings

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Chicken wings smothered in butter and hot sauce and deep fried aren't low in calories. You can still fit them into your diet on occasion, however, if you watch your portion size. Making your own baked hot wings at home gives you better control over the calories -- lets you make them as spicy as you want.


Calorie Comparisons

Each fried fast food hot wing has about 70 calories. Choose baked fast food hot wings instead and you can eat two for 100 calories. This isn't counting the calories in the ranch or blue cheese dip you might be eating with your wings. Homemade hot wings vary in calorie content depending on the recipe, with some containing more calories than fast food wings and some containing less. Make baked hot wings at home using reduced-calorie apricot jam, soy sauce, chili sauce and garlic and you can eat three -- along with 1/4 cup of a homemade dip made using low-fat Greek yogurt, cilantro and lime juice -- for 220 calories. A more traditional baked hot wing recipe made using butter and hot sauce features about 95 calories per wing.

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