Calories in French Macaroons

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French macaroons -- also called macarons -- are fluffy and delicate, with sweet creamy or fruity filling. While these sandwich cookies may be light enough to melt in your mouth, they can be heavy in calories, partially because they contain high-fat almond meal instead of wheat flour. A filling rich in cream and butter will further elevate the calorie count. At home, minimize calories by using a thin layer of jam instead.


Calorie Count

The number of calories in your macaroon depends on the size and recipe, and, for instance what kind of filling it contains. One chocolate macaron has an average of 45 calories. Store-bought versions like Tipiak and Looka Patisserie tend to be lighter than bakery versions, whose ingredients can vary. For one store-bought cookie, the total fat is 2 grams and carbohydrates are 6 grams.

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