The Calories Burned Hiking a Mountain

Hiking in a mountainous terrain is a highly aerobic form of exercise. The constant change in incline constantly challenges your muscles and elevates your heart rate. Calories burned are based on weight, incline and intensity.


Weight is one of the factors that determines calories burned when hiking a mountain. On average, a 200-lb. person will burn 540 calories in one hour of hiking; a 150-lb. person will 405 calories in the same time, says HealthStatus.


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Inclined terrain will burn more calories than flat surfaces. Incorporating incline intervals into your hike will increase difficulty and create a larger calorie burn. Incline hiking can also be duplicated on a treadmill when the weather limits your outside activities.


A fast pace will increase intensity and cause a larger calorie burn. A 200-lb. person can expect to burn around 637 calories hiking quickly in the mountains while only burning 455 calories cross-country, says CalorieLab.


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