How Many Calories Are in a Pierogi Potato & Cheese?

cheese and potato pierogis
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Of Polish origin, but popular throughout eastern European and beyond, pierogies are dumplings that you can stuff with whatever you prefer such as sauerkraut, meat, fruit, as well as potatoes and cheese.



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Recipes vary, but typically, pierogi dough is based on a flour, egg and butter mixture and often includes a healthy helping of sour cream. A cheese and potato filling might include mashed potatoes, cheese, butter, as well as grated onion, salt and pepper for added flavor.

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The filled pierogi, similar in appearance to its Italian cousin, the ravioli, is boiled until cooked through. You can enjoy pierogies right after boiling, but they are often cooled and then pan fried or baked.


The calorie count depends, of course, on the particular recipe and the manner in which you prepare them. Before they are fried, pierogies contain anywhere from 170 to 250 calories per three-pierogi serving. Frying them in butter or oil adds additional calories. To keep the fat and calories down, try frying them in a nonstick cooking spray.


The calorie and fat splurge can ratchet up even higher if you serve pierogies with sour cream.