How Many Calories Do You Lose Per 600 Walking Steps?

Walking several times per week can benefit your health in numerous ways.
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If you're anxious to take steps toward improving your health, walking can be the answer. Although people typically track the length of their walk in minutes, another approach is counting your steps. Walking 600 steps, depending on your pace, shouldn't take very long. As such, it doesn't burn an abundance of calories.


Aim for 100 Steps a Minute

A typical walking pace if you wish to walk for fitness is 100 steps per minute. If you walk at this pace, it will take you six minutes to reach your 600-step goal. Because of the short duration of this walk, the calorie burn is low. A 150-pound person who walks for six minutes at 3 mph burns about 30 calories. The same person burns about 35 calories during a six-minute walk at 4 mph. Walking uphill burns more calories than walking on flat terrain. You'd also unlikely be able to sustain a pace of 100 steps per minute while walking up an incline; as such, taking 600 steps would take more than six minutes.


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Stepping Up Your Health

Although you must increase your walks to more than six minutes in length if you wish to use the exercise to lose weight, this activity provides a wealth of health benefits. Regular walks can potentially reduce your blood pressure, lessen your risk of a number of ailments, strengthen the density of your bones and improve your flexibility.



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