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The Best Walking Shoes for Ankle Support

Walking offers many health benefits, such as helping you to burn calories and improve your cardiovascular stamina, reports the Cal...

6 Ways to Burn More Calories by Walking

Thanks to activity trackers, more and more people are motivated to not only count their daily steps, but also to make their steps ...

How to Make Walk to Work Day the Best Day Ever

Time to lace up those walking shoes! April 1 is Walk to Work Day, so here are some tips to help you make the most of your walk....

There's Now Proof Pokemon Go Is Changing People's Lives

A new study found that Pokemon Go increased activity in its users by 25 percent over a period of four weeks....

The Walking to Lose Weight Program

There are many different "walking to lose weight programs." You can choose one or mix and match the components of severa...

Brisk Walking to Lose Weight

Regular brisk walking spurs weight loss, according to "Controlling Cholesterol." The book, by well-known heart surgeon D...

Walking Shoes & Foot Pain

Correcting foot pain associated with walking could be as simple as investing in a new pair of shoes. Foot pain during walking is n...

What Are the Benefits of Walking Poles?

Walking with poles is an exercise that is easy on the joints and gives you a great workout. Walking poles began to appear in the n...

How to Walk in an Ankle Aircast

If you suffer an ankle sprain or injury, your doctor may give you an ankle Aircast to help protect your injured joint and keep you...

The Best Walking Shoes for Winter

Walking in the winter is a great way to get a workout and warm up at the same time. In the winter, though, you need warmer footwea...
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