List of Foods That Are Easy to Digest for Colitis

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Colitis is a condition in which the colon is inflamed. Several varieties of colitis exist including collagenous, ulcerative and lymphocytic. Consuming the proper foods will ensure that your body gets the nutrients it needs without aggravating your digestive tract. Do not eat fatty or high-fiber foods; limit your dairy intake. These may upset your digestive tract and cause a flare-up. Schedule an appointment with a registered dietitian who can personalize a list of foods that will benefit your condition.

Sides and Snacks

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Always eat mild and bland foods to avoid a colitis flare-up or to get adequate nutrition while you are experiencing a flare-up. Enjoy plain white rice or instant mashed potatoes as a side dish to your dinner entree. Applesauce comes in many varieties and flavors and can be an easy-to-digest snack. Bananas are also easy on your digestive tract and can be a quick mid-morning snack.


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High-fat meat is difficult for you to digest while suffering from colitis. Include lean meats and fish in your diet so you can still get the protein your body needs. Enjoy small portions of chicken breast without the skin, light turkey meat and lean cuts of veal. Make a sandwich on white bread for lunch, and include ingredients such as iceberg lettuce, chicken and low-fat mayonnaise. You can also consume nonfatty fish such as tilapia, cod and haddock. Limit the fat you use when you cook these meats. Use a cooking spray to prevent sticking instead of high-fat butter or oil.

Fruits and Vegetables

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Fiber is beneficial once your colitis is under control, according to If you experience a flare-up, it is still important for you to consume fruits and vegetables to get adequate nutrient intake. Introduce produce into your diet as you can tolerate it. Purchase canned vegetables and fruits that are softer and easier to digest than raw vegetables. Select some of your favorite canned veggies, including green beans, carrots and beets. You can also select from a variety of canned fruits including peaches, pears and pineapple.

Cooking or steaming your raw vegetables will soften up the fibrous tissues and make them easier to digest. Carrots, peppers and squash are all delicious when steamed. You may also want to poach or bake your whole fruits to ensure they are easier on your digestive tract. Apples and pears make great desserts when cooked and served warm.

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