Calories in Vegetable Pho

A bowl of vegetarian pho soup with chopsticks on a wooden table.
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Aromatic and warm, a steaming bowl of vegetable pho makes a healthy and soothing lunch on a cold day. While this Vietnamese noodle soup is relatively low in calories -- thanks to the broth base and lean ingredients -- you still need to watch portion sizes. Some giant restaurant servings can put a strain on your diet, so stick with a medium bowl, or take half of your meal to go if you can't avoid an oversized portion.


Calorie Count

At the typical Vietnamese restaurant, a medium bowl of vegetable pho with tofu may contain between 400 and 510 calories. If you're making your own pho, one-sixth of a recipe that uses 1/2 pound of noodles and the same weight of tofu, along with broth and an assortment of vegetables, contains about 290 calories. This is likely a smaller serving than you'll find at most restaurants, however.

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