How Many Calories Does an ICEE Have?

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ICEE is a carbonated frozen drink company based out of Ontario, California that offers several different flavors. According to the company website, cherry, blue raspberry and cola are the most popular -- all have similar amounts of calories.


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The most popular and best-selling flavors of ICEE, cherry, blue raspberry and cola, all have 80 calories in a 6-oz. serving. There are 20 g of carbohydrates and 10 mg of sodium in each flavor.

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Other Fruit Flavors

ICEE is also available in other fruit flavors such as strawberry kiwi, pina colada, orange dream, and boysenberry. The majority of these have 80 calories per 6-oz. serving, but a few flavors differ. Cherry lime has 68 calories per 8-oz. serving, strawberry creme has 123 calories per 8-oz. serving, orange dream has 67 calories per 8-oz. serving, and lemonade has 90 calories per 6-oz. serving.

Soda Pop Flavored

ICEE also offers frozen carbonated drinks based on popular soft drinks. Mountain Dew- and Sprite-flavored ICEEs have 60 calories in an 8-oz. serving, Pepsi has 55 calories in an 8-oz. serving, Fanta Grape has 67 calories in an 8-oz. serving, and Coca-Cola has 65 calories in an 8-oz. serving.




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