Nutrition Info for Oreo Cookies Without the Cream

Oreo cookies are made up of a cream filling sandwiched between two chocolate wafers.
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The opinion on the best part of an Oreo cookie might be divided: You either strongly prefer the cream or the cookie wafers.


Those who prefer the Oreo cookie without the cream have long implored Nabisco to release a container of creamless Oreos. The company hasn't released any information about making plain Oreo cookie wafers. Until that day arrives (if it ever will), you'll have to scrape the cream off to get to the wafers.

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One advantage to ditching the cream in Oreos is taking in fewer calories, carbohydrates and sugar in one sitting. If you want a low-calorie but satisfying snack or dessert, consider removing the cream filling and enjoying Oreo cookies without the cream.

Nutrition for Oreo Cookies Without Cream

There are about 22 calories in an Oreo cookie without cream. Here is the full nutrition breakdown for Oreo cookies without the cream, according to the USDA:

  • ​Calories​:​ 21.6
  • ​Total fat​:​ 0.71 g
  • ​Saturated fat​:​ 0.21 g
  • ​​Sodium​:​ 29 mg
  • ​Total carbs​:​ 3.64 g
    • ​​Total sugar​:​ 1.87 g
    • ​Fiber​:​ 0.17 g
  • ​Protein​:​ 0.33 g


Oreos With the Cream Nutrition

To put these nutritional values into perspective, here's the breakdown of an Oreo cookie with the cream, per the USDA:

  • ​Calories​:​ 58
  • ​Total fat​:​ 2.4 g
  • ​Saturated fat​:​ 0.36 g
  • ​​Sodium​:​ 46.6 mg
  • ​Total carbs​:​ 8.65 g
    • ​​Total sugar​:​ 4.72 g
    • ​Fiber​:​ 0.18 g
  • ​Protein​:​ 0.54 g

Oreo cream has about 36 calories — so that means eating the cookies without the cream cuts back on more than 36 calories per cookie sandwich. It also reduces your intake of carbohydrates, added sugar and fat.


Eating Oreos without cream will save you 36.4 calories per cookie. If you normally eat Double Stuf Oreos, you could save even more as each cookie contains 74.6 calories, according to the USDA.


If you're careful about scraping out all of the filling — a combination of gelatin, shortening, powdered sugar and vanilla — the two cookie wafers remaining in a regular Oreo cookie will weigh in at just over 20 calories.


Oreos are cookies, so it's no surprise that they're high in sugar. Eating Oreo cookies without the cream can cut back on your sugar intake.


A regular Oreo cookie contains 4.72 grams of sugar, and an Oreo cookie without the cream clocks in at 1.87 grams of sugar. Scraping the cream filling saves you 2.85 grams of sugar per cookie.


Each Oreo cookie contains 2.4 grams of fat. Having Oreo cookies without the cream instead saves you 1.69 grams of fat per sandwich as the wafers alone contain just 0.71 grams of fat.


One regular Oreo cookie contains 0.36 grams of saturated fat. An Oreo cookie without the cream filling contains 0.21 grams of saturated fat.

If your go-to treat is Oreo cookies, skipping the cream can help you cut back on calories, sugar and fat. In moderation, a couple of cookies can likely fit into your meal plan if you're mindful of your sugar intake for the rest of the day.




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