How to Treat Lack of Energy & Enthusiasm

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A lack of energy and enthusiasm can influence your entire life. If you constantly feel sluggish and run down and have little excitement for your daily routine, you may need to make some lifestyle changes to help you make improvements. Jon Gordon says in his book, "The 10-Minute Energy Solution: A Proven Plan to Increase Your Energy, Reduce Your Stress and Transform Your Life," that 6 million people experience chronic fatigue and another 25 million experience persistent fatigue. If you are one of these, there are ways to increase your energy and bring back your enthusiasm for life.


Step 1

Decrease your caffeine consumption. Restrict how many caffeinated beverages, such as coffee, tea and energy drinks, you consume each day, Gordon recommends, because they disrupt your normal sleep cycles and cause you to run on adrenaline that prevents adequate rest and relaxation.

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Step 2

Go to bed early. Get enough sleep because this will stop the energy drain cycle in its tracks. Aim for between seven and eight hours each night because this is the amount you need to refresh yourself and wake up with enough energy to start a new day.


Step 3

Get some exercise. Regular physical movement improves your cardiovascular health, gets your blood moving and ramps up your metabolism, says Gordon. Go for a run, head to the gym, take a walk around the block or even turn on some music and just dance. The goal is to get your heart rate up so you feel your energy begin to return.

Step 4

Eat nutritious foods. Add foods with protein and fiber to your diet to help increase your energy. Try nuts, fruits, vegetables, whole-grain bread, white-meat chicken, fish and yogurt because they can all boost your metabolism and give you more energy.


Step 5

Make a list of the exciting things in your work, school or personal life. Review your list when you find your enthusiasm waning. Finding just one thing to be excited about will help your enthusiasm return. Keep a list of upcoming events and activities you are looking forward to as well. Knowing that you have a vacation or night out planned can help you find enthusiasm in other parts of your life as well.

Step 6

Smile. Smile at everyone you meet, Zelig Pliskin recommends in his book, "Enthusiasm: Formulas, Stories and Insights," because it will improve your mood and help you increase how enthusiastic you are about your daily life. Pretend you are enthusiastic, adds Pliskin, and chances are you will find that you truly do have many things to be excited about.


Keep a journal so you can record what foods and activities give you energy. Consult your journal when your symptoms reappear so you can implement lifestyle changes that have worked in the past.


If you feel run down and unenthusiastic for more than two weeks, make an appointment with your doctor to determine if you need medical intervention to treat your symptoms.



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