How to Not Lose Your Breasts When Dieting

While the breasts contain a series of muscles, ducts, nodes and lobes, they're predominantly made up of fat and connective tissue. That is why weight gain typically increases the size of your breasts. If you're hoping to lose those excess pounds, you'll likely experience a reduction in breast size. Your options for maintaining breast tissue while losing weight are rather limited. However, steps can be taken to minimize the effects of weight loss on breast size.

Step 1

Incorporate strength training into your workout routine, suggests Dr. Michele Olson, a professor of exercise science at Auburn University. Strength training the chest can sometimes help lift the breasts, which can give them a fuller appearance after weight loss. Push-ups, bench presses and flies are the most beneficial.

Step 2

Reduce your weight loss goals. Another option to minimize the loss of breast tissue is reducing the number of pounds you plan on losing. You will still lose some breast tissue, but not as much. However, weight loss is important in reducing blood pressure, blood cholesterol and the risk of developing heart disease or type 2 diabetes, particularly when you're overweight or obese.

Step 3

Talk to a cosmetic surgeon about a breast lift after you reach your weight loss goal. With this medical procedure, a surgeon removes excess skin, tightens surrounding tissue and reshapes the contour of the breast, notes the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Though nothing is added under the skin, breasts often appear fuller than before, which can counteract the reduction in breast size from weight loss.

Step 4

Make an appointment for breast augmentation, which is the only reliable method of offsetting the reduction in bust size from weight loss. In this procedure, surgeons use an implant to meet your desired breast fullness, volume and size.


There’s no way to “spot reduce” your tummy, hips and buttocks without losing breast size. Spot reduction isn’t possible, explains the Mayo Clinic. Any diet or exercise program that claims to only reduce a certain area of the body will likely cause an overall loss in fat.