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Knowing the nutritional value of a cider can help you to enjoy it in moderation.

Ace is a California-based company that manufactures premium alcoholic cider beverages including the Ace Pear Cider, also known as the Ace Perry Cider. Ciders have become a favorite alternative to beer, given their sweeter flavor. Alcoholic ciders are often referred to as hard ciders to differentiate them from traditional nonalcoholic cider. It's important to know their nutritional value to stay within your target caloric and nutritional range.

Serving Size

Ace Pear Cider is packaged in 12-oz. bottles, and that is the recommended serving size. The nutritional information provided is based on the recommended serving size.


Each bottle of Ace Pear Cider contains 155 calories. Remember to count this number of calories in your total daily calorie count.

Total Fat

Ace's Pear Cider does not contain any fat.


Ace Pear Cider is considered a plant-based protein, given that it is made in part from grain. One bottle of Ace Pear Cider contains 12 g of protein.


One bottle of Ace Pear Cider contains 9 g of sugar, containing 155 calories. Drinking one bottle would reach or exceed the American Heart Association's daily recommended limit for sugar.

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