Are There Exercises to Make the Cheeks Thinner Fast?

Woman touching cheeks looking in mirror
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In the game of weight loss and gain, the face is often one of the first places where people notice a difference. Depending on your genetics, you may have a naturally fuller, rounded face even if you're lean, whereas other people who are a few pounds overweight may have naturally hallow cheeks. If you don't like your full cheeks, overall weight loss may give your face a thinner appearance -- but just as with every other body part, there is no way to spot-reduce facial fat.

Fat Loss Truths

Just as if you wanted to lean our your thighs or abs, diet and exercise are the key components to achieving a thinner face. Avoid processed foods and eat a nutritious diet composed of lean proteins, whole-grain carbohydrate sources and fresh fruits and vegetables. Create a calorie deficit by combining diet and exercise to achieve overall weight loss. It's possible that your cheeks may be one of the last areas to thin out. If you've just got a naturally round face, try learning to love the way you look. If you're at a healthy weight, full cheeks can create a healthy, youthful look.