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Specialized Bicycle Components produces a variety of bicycles and bicycle products, including computerized speedometers. With a touch of a button, these devices provide valuable information such as the time, the miles you've traveled, your speed and the temperature. To get information to display the way you want, and to get accurate estimates for your speedometer and odometer, you must go through an initial program to enter specific setup information.


Start Setup

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You have only three keys to press: "star/stop," "mode" or "set." To start the setup procedure for the first time, simply press and hold the "start/stop" button for two seconds. If you want to reset the computer -- to erase current settings and start over with setup – press the small button on the back of the computer unit.

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Language And Time

For the first step of the setup, press the "mode" button to toggle through the possible languages. Press the "set" button to select the language you want.


Next, the 12 vs. 24 hour clock option appears. Press "mode" to toggle back and forth between your options, and "set" to select the mode you want. Now the hour will appear on the screen. Press the "mode" button until the correct hour appears. Press the "set" button to select the hour. The minutes now light up. Press the "mode" button repeatedly until you reach the correct minute, and then press the "set" button.


Tire Size

The tire size options appear next. The screen will indicate "Bike 1" in the upper right corner of the screen and in the lower part of the screen show "26" x ". Use this screen to enter in your tire size if you have mountain bike tires that specify the size in inches. If you have a road bike and tire sizes are specified in mm, then press the set button to go to the next screen, which will display "Bike 2" in the upper right corner and show a tire size of "700 x " on the bottom of the screen. For either the mountain bike or road bike screen, simply press the "mode" button to toggle through possible tire width options. Press the "set" button to confirm and set the width that corresponds to the width specified on your tire.


Kilometer Or Miles

The display will indicate "ODO" on the bottom, and "km" in the upper right. Press the "mode" button to toggle through km and miles, and press "set" to select the unit of measurement you want to the odometer and speedometer to use.



Next four zeros are displayed. You can enter in pre-existing or logged miles by pressing the mode button to toggle through 0 to 9 for the first digit. Press the "set" button to select, then continue to the second digit by toggling through 0 to 9 using the "mode" button and pressing "set" to select the correct digit. Continue until you have set all four digits. If you are satisfied with the odometer reading 0000, simply press the "set" button four times.


Routine Use

Press the "stop" key to exit setup. Once the computer is set up, when you turn the computer on using the "start/stop" button you press the "mode" button to toggle through the functions, which include clock, trip odometer, speed, automatic timer, lap timer and temperature. To toggle through options within each mode, press the "set" key. For example, the temperature displays in Fahrenheit by default. Press the "set" key to toggle back and forth through Fahrenheit and centigrade displays. Consult the owners manual, available at Specialized.com, to obtain further information.




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