How to Make a Slimfast Healthy Shake

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Adding liquid meal replacement programs like the slim fast diet plan to your daily diet is a good way to lose weight. Slim fast shakes are also relatively high in fiber, which helps to decrease the appetite and keep you satiated for more extended periods.


What is a Slimfast Shake?

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Slimfast is a line of meal replacements products that assist in weight loss. The range of slim fast products includes snack bars, slim fast shakes, cookies and even a line of slimfast chips.

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According to the USDA, a one-quarter cup, or 26-gram serving, of the powdered slim fast shakes mix offers 116 calories, 2.11 grams of protein, 3.47 grams of fat and 19.2 grams of carbohydrates. A single serving of the slimfast powder is high in fiber, offering 4.71 grams or 19 percent daily value of dietary fiber, which helps increase satiety, keeping you full for longer.

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Slimfast products like the slimfast shakes are good sources of minerals like magnesium and zinc. A one-quarter-cup serving offers 24 percent of the daily value of magnesium and 41 percent of the daily value of zinc, which is an essential mineral required for enzymatic reactions to occur.

Slimfast shakes also contain smaller amounts of calcium, iron, potassium and sodium. These are minerals the body requires for proper muscle contraction and bone growth and development.


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In addition, Slimfast shakes offer 90 percent of the daily value of vitamin E and 88 percent of vitamin B12, an essential vitamin that cannot be produced by the body. Instead, it is obtained from a diet that's primarily rich in animal products, and it helps produce red blood cells and helps the body's nervous system function correctly.


Benefits of Slim Fast Products

The results of a small January 2018 study on 32 individuals with obesity, published in Appetite, indicated that total meal replacement shakes helped increase weight loss. It was also able to reduce hunger cravings in the individuals who opted for total meal replacement shakes, like the slim fast products.

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When coupled with exercise, the slim fast diet plan menu can be particularly effective for patients with obesity, as indicated in the results of a December 2017 study published in The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging. However, despite slim fast shakes being high in specific vitamins and minerals like vitamin B12, they may not provide an adequate daily source of the rest of the essential nutrients required by the body, especially in older adults.

According to the results of a May 2019 meta-analysis published in Diabetes Care, researchers found that liquid meal replacements did reduce bodyweight and blood pressure levels in patients with obesity. However, larger-scale trials need to be conducted to test the efficacy of liquid meal replacements like slim fast shakes.


Slimfast Healthy Shake Ingredients

  • ¼ cup (1 scoop) any flavor of slimfast powdered shake mix

  • 8 fluid ounces fat-free milk

  • ½

    cup ice cubes

  • Additional ingredients: spinach, berries, nonfat Greek yogurt

Slim Fast Shakes Recipe

  1. Choose your shake mix: Pour one scoop of the slimfast powdered shake mix into a blender. Add in 8 fluid ounces of fat-free milk and


    cup of ice cubes.

  2. Turn on your blender: Blend all the ingredients together for a thick shake. For a thinner shake, add in one-quarter cup of water and pulse everything together in the blender.

  3. Change up your shakes: Adding greens and fruits, like spinach and berries, will increase the nutrient content of slim fast shakes. Using nonfat Greek yogurt or fat-free cottage cheese is an excellent way to increase your daily protein intake. The Slimfast website also offers a number of easy smoothies and shakes recipes to help switch things up.


You can use non-dairy milk like almond milk and coconut milk in place of fat-free milk. An 8-fluid-ounce serving of almond milk has just 40.8 calories, while coconut milk has approximately 69.6 calories in an 8-fluid-ounce serving.




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