6 No-Carb, No-Sugar Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day With

Try a hardboiled egg sandwich with bacon and cheddar in between.
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Cereal, pancakes, muffins and smoothies — these common breakfast foods are all packed with carbs. This explains why our a.m. meals tend to skew higher in carbs and, subsequently, lower in protein and fat when compared to lunch and dinner, a June 2014 article in The Journal of Nutrition explains.


But if you're following a low-carb diet, like keto or paleo, we get it: You want to start your day with a low-carb breakfast that's free of sugar.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Keep in mind, eating a no-carb, no-sugar breakfast can be difficult to do in a healthy way because many popular zero-carb breakfast foods include processed meats like bacon and sausage, as well as cheese. Eating super-low-carb also means you'll have to omit many good-for-you foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

That said, if it's no-carb, no-sugar breakfast ideas you're after, we've pulled together some ideas that will be sure to satisfy. They are certainly healthier options compared to, say, the go-to bacon and eggs.

6 No-Carb, No-Sugar Breakfast Ideas

  • 2 large eggs + 3 ounces chicken breast
  • Omelet with 2 eggs + 1 ounce brie cheese + ¼ cup arugula
  • Tofu scramble with 2 ounces tofu + 1/3 cup spinach + 1 ounce brie cheese
  • 2 eggs + 3 ounces smoked salmon + 1 tablespoon cream cheese + dill
  • 4 egg whites + 1 ounce Gruyere
  • 2 eggs + 2 sausages + ½ cup spinach


More Low-Carb Breakfast Ideas

If you're looking for a breakfast that is still low in carbs but isn't necessarily a no-carb, no-sugar meal, there are plenty more options that fit the bill.

Eggs are a great start to a low-carb breakfast — one large egg has just 0.4 grams per serving, per the USDA. They're also a great base to work from because they pair well with so many foods.


  • Try serving poached eggs over a three-fourths cup mix spinach, peppers, onion and mushrooms for no more than 4 grams of carbs.
  • Top scrambled eggs with sliced avocado, which adds just 8.6 grams of carbs per half fruit.
  • Keep hard-boiled eggs in the fridge for busy mornings so you can simply grab two and eat alongside a piece of string cheese and an ounce of almonds (6.1 grams of carbs). Couple the hardboiled eggs with cup of raspberries (7 grams of net carbs).


Try these zero-calorie, low-carb condiments and seasonings that go well with eggs:

  • hot sauce
  • pepper
  • garlic
  • oregano
  • turmeric
  • fresh herbs like chives, dill, parsley, basil and cilantro

If you are worried that eating eggs for breakfast is unhealthy, don't be. As the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines point out, egg yolks (and some shellfish) are higher in dietary cholesterol, but not saturated fats, which is a greater concern for heart disease.

That's why the Dietary Guidelines state that eggs can be eaten as part of a healthy diet that provides a variety of foods.

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