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7 Kitchen Tricks to Make Carbs Less Fattening

7 Kitchen Tricks to Make Carbs Less Fattening. Carbohydrate-rich foods may get a bad rap by some nutritionists. But they often get...

10 Myths About Grains -- Totally Busted

While low-carb diets and carb cycling might still be all the rage, ancient whole grains like black rice and quinoa are coming into...

Why Your Obsession With Fries Is the Human Condition

Scientists uncovered that we may be able to taste carbohydrates, meaning that we may have a "starchy" taste bud responsible for ou...

3 Ways to Choose Beans for a Low-Carb Diet

On a low-carb diet, you might eat anywhere from 20 to 100 grams of carbs a day, depending on the plan. The results you want also f...

What Do Sugar Alcohols Mean in Carb Counting?

Carb counting is a type of diet usually used by people who have diabetes to help control blood glucose (sugar). The goal of carb ...

Foods With Mannose

Mannose is a six-carbon sugar found in a variety of fruits and vegetables. This sugar is not found free in foods, but rather as pa...

Difference Between Red & Golden Quinoa

Quinoa, you might be surprised to learn, is actually a seed, although it is cooked and eaten like a whole grain. Naturally gluten-...

Physical Characteristics of Glucose

Physical characteristics determine whether the glucose molecule can be metabolized for energy and how it affects your health. When...

25 Foods Low in Carbohydrates

On a low-carb diet, you need to make your carbohydrate choices wisely – especially when you’re just starting out and y...

List of Low-Carb Vegetables & Fruits

For those who adhere to a low-carb lifestyle, cutting carbohydrates is viewed as an alternate, and possibly smarter, dietary appro...
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