How to Lose a Lot of Weight on the Grape Diet

The grape diet is the product of research done by Basil Shackleton, a twentieth century photographer and author whose development of the grape diet was once considered a cure for cancer (this was later disproved, although the diet can aid the body's fight against cancer). It uses the vitamins and chemicals found in grapes to cleanse the body, boost metabolism and help you lose weight fast. It's not uncommon for dieters to lose several pounds in a week or less on the grape diet. As you might expect, the diet consists of eating only grapes all day long, along with water when necessary.


Step 1

Eat grapes for every meal. There is no limit to how much you can eat, but try to eat at least 1.5 to 2 lbs. a day to avoid feeling famished.

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Step 2

Prepare grapes in different ways to make your diet seem more varied. Create juice from the grapes, or blend them and enjoy them as an all-fruit smoothie in addition to eating them whole.

Step 3

Drink as much hot or cold water as you want, but avoid drinking water an hour before or after eating grapes to keep their nutrients concentrated as they enter your system.

Step 4

Press on through the nausea and headaches that will come, usually in the third day. This is not due to malnutrition, as you might think, but is the result of your body cleansing the toxins from itself. The side effects are temporary and will go away, usually after a day.

Step 5

Continue the diet for at least four to five days and up to two weeks. You should shed pounds quickly, sometimes up to a pound a day or more, and should feel energized and healthy when the diet is over.


Use organically grown grapes, if possible.


Do not use this diet if you are pregnant. If you have any other physical ailments or a weak immune system, talk to you doctor about the benefits and risks of this diet. Do not go on the grape diet if you work a physically demanding job or exercise rigorously. Stop the diet if you become nauseous or dizzy.

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