Why Do Men Have Rectal Bleeding After Lifting Heavy Weights?

Men who notice rectal bleeding after lifting heavy weights might feel alarmed and concerned for their health. Most of the time, rectal bleeding results from a minor health condition, although bleeding that persists, worsens or is accompanied by other digestive problems requires medical evaluation. Fortunately, most cases of rectal bleeding are preventable through lifestyle changes and treatable with medical and home care.

Digestive Disorders

Men who have certain disorders of the digestive system might experience rectal bleeding after lifting heavy weights. Men with Crohn's disease, chronic diarrhea, stomach ulcers, rectal ulcers or colitis might notice a small amount of blood after using the bathroom or lifting weights. Rectal bleeding after weightlifting might also result from infections of the digestive system.


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Exertion during physical activities such as weight lifting can cause or worsen hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding. Certain lifting techniques such as squatting while lifting or holding poses while lifting weights might also contribute to the development of hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding in men. Spending long periods of time standing while lifting weights might also cause hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding to develop.



When lifting heavy weights, injuries such as tears in the skin or tissue around the anus, a condition referred to as anal fissure, might cause rectal bleeding. Wiping with abrasive toilet paper can irritate an anal fissure and cause rectal bleeding when lifting weights. Men who wear underwear or workout clothes made of rough fabric might experience rectal bleeding after lifting weights, as a result of irritated skin. Injuries from anal sex might also cause rectal bleeding in men.


Medications and Supplements

Weightlifting men who utilize certain dietary supplements might experience rectal bleeding. Iron supplements, diuretics and laxatives might cause men to experience constipation that results in rectal bleeding. Antacids containing aluminum and calcium can also cause constipation that results in rectal bleeding. Medications including narcotic pain relievers, calcium channel blockers, anticonvulsants and antidepressants might also cause men to develop rectal bleeding.


Unbalanced Diet

Men who lift weights and eat a diet rich in fatty foods such as whole dairy products, eggs and meat might experience constipation which can lead to rectal bleeding after passing a bowel movement. In addition, diets that are low in fiber can also cause rectal bleeding due to constipation. Dehydration, which might occur during strenuous exercise such as lifting heavy weights, is another cause of constipation and the rectal bleeding which can follow. In addition, men who travel extensively might experience changes in bowel patterns that can lead to rectal bleeding.



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