What Type of Mushrooms Do You Cook With Steak?

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Mushrooms and steak can be combined to make delicious dishes that you and your family can enjoy at mealtimes. The type of mushroom you choose depends on the type of dish you are making and how much flavor you want to add. Before you prepare steak dishes with mushrooms, make sure you remove any parts that may not be edible. For instance, Portobello mushrooms should have the stems removed before preparation.


Shiitake Mushrooms

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Grilled flank steak can be served with a variety of mushrooms. However, adding shiitake mushrooms can really enhance the flavor of the meat and is recommended by the Simply Recipes website. Shiitake mushrooms have a smoky taste that is enhanced when cooked. The mushrooms should be sautéed and added to the steak after grilling is completed.

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Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms are a common accompaniment to steak dishes. They are typically about 6 inches across and have a similar flavor to steak. Due to the large size of the mushrooms, you will only need to buy a few to prepare steak dishes. Top sirloin cuts of steak are most often used in recipes that include topping the meat with Portobello mushrooms. The sirloin can be grilled or cooked with the mushrooms in a skillet.


Cremini and Oyster Mushrooms

Additional choices for steak and mushroom dishes are the varieties cremini and oyster. Cremini mushrooms have a similar texture and flavor to Portobello mushrooms because they are an immature version of Portobellos. If you are making a pepper steak dish, oyster mushrooms have a peppery flavor that becomes less intense after cooking.


No matter what type of mushroom you choose for your steak dish, the mushrooms should all have a firm texture without any bruising. When you look underneath the mushrooms, the gills should be tightly together since they tend to separate as the mushroom ages. You can store these types for longer periods. However, mushrooms with loose gills will add more flavors, but they should be used soon after purchasing.




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