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Prunes are rich in iron.
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Anemia is a condition where your body produces an inadequate number of red blood cells. Anemia can also refer to a lack of the protein hemoglobin that makes blood red. Impaired blood cell production, heavy blood loss or diet deficiencies -- especially of B-12, folate and iron -- can all cause anemia. Weight loss is not a common symptom of anemia, but weight loss can cause anemia.

Weight Loss-Induced Anemia

According to the Cleveland Clinic, significant weight loss often leads to anemia, even with vitamin supplementation. The University of Rochester Medical Center identifies patients who have undergone bariatric surgery to be at increased risk for anemia. Gastric bypass can cause a loss of vitamins and minerals due to absorption issues post-surgery. Incorporate foods such as lentils, red meat, dark greens and tofu into your diet, and pair them with vitamin C supplementation to boost absorption.

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