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It can be very frustrating to suddenly have your ProForm treadmill start making excessive noise, whether it is a clunking, vibrating, humming or squealing noise. A motorized ProForm treadmill has a lot of moving parts. If these parts become worn or loose, they can make a variety of noises.


Treadmill Belt

ProForm treadmill belts require routine maintenance. If you don't regularly lubricate the belt and adjust the tension, the belt may make a grinding noise. Not all ProFrom belts need lubrication, however, but older models usually do. If the belt becomes dry, and you don't lubricate it, the dryness causes increased friction between the belt and rollers, which can make a rubbing or squealing noise. Check your owner's manual, and do all the recommended maintenance to the belt to keep it running smoothly and quietly.


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Motor Sounds

The motor on your ProForm treadmill has a number of moving parts that can make noise if they become loose or damaged. Most ProForm treadmills have a power incline ramp. If the incline motor fails or acts inconsistently, this can cause a clunking sound. The drive belt can become loose or damaged, resulting in a grinding noise. The bearings or rollers can become worn or damaged and make a squealing, grinding or clunking noise.


Finding the Noise

If the noise from your ProForm treadmill seems to be coming from under the motor hood, but you can't pinpoint it, treadmilldoctor.com has an easy solution. Treadmill service professionals use an engine steth to locate the source of a sound, but you can use a long-handled screwdriver. Touch the metal end to different parts around the motor. Place your ear next to the handle. The metal will transmit the sound so when you touch the area where the sound is coming from, it will be amplified through the handle and you can pinpoint it.



Although it won't guarantee you will never have excessive noise from your treadmill, properly maintaining your machine goes a long way to keeping it running smoothly and quietly. After every few uses, tighten all the nuts and bolts. If these come loose, you may hear an irritating rattling noise. Check the tension of your tread belt every month and wipe down your treadmill after every use. This keeps dirt and dust from accumulating, which can cause premature wear and tear on parts.




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