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Hydroxycut is an over-the-counter supplement marketed to individuals looking to lose weight and build muscle mass. Products found in the Hydroxycut line include Hydroxycut Pro Clinical, Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Caffeine-Free, Hydroxycut Shape and Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series. If you want to get results with the supplement, you need to eat a calorie-controlled diet and develop a regular workout plan. Before you use any type of supplement, consult a doctor.



To determine your tolerance when using Hydroxycut, you need to take a reduced dosage the first few days on the supplement. For the first three days, you must take only one capsule twice a day. On the fourth day, you can follow the regular dosage recommendation of two capsules twice a day. You should allow at least four hours between doses, and never take the supplement within five hours of your bedtime.


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Because Hydroxycut claims to give you an increased amount of energy, you may want to time your workouts to take place following your dosage. Take the capsules about 30 minutes before a workout with a full glass of water. Participate in cardio exercise, such as cycling, jogging, step aerobics, running or kickboxing, for 45 minutes at least four or five days per week.


Strength Training

You should spend at least three days a week strength training if you want to build lean muscle mass. Benefits of strength training include increased metabolic rate and increases in strength and endurance. Use resistance exercise machines, such as bicep curlers, leg presses, chest presses and hip extensions, to work the muscles in the upper and lower body. You should rest between workout sessions to allow for muscle recovery.


Side Effects

Stop taking Hydroxycut if you develop any side effects. Potential side effects include headache, nausea, increased heart rate, nervousness and difficulty sleeping. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you may want to consider using the caffeine-free version. In May 2009, several Hydroxycut products were recalled due to reports of liver problems. The formulations available as of April 2011 do not contain the questionable ingredient that prompted the recall known as hydroxycitric acid.




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