Is There Exercise Equipment that Lifts Your Breasts?

Woman working out on a chest press machine
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Lifting the breasts with exercise requires targeting your pectoral muscles and the postural muscles of your back. While this won't affect your cup size or change the shape of your breasts themselves -- which don't contain any muscle fiber -- toning your chest muscles will help your breasts appear lifted and less droopy as they sit higher on your chest. Several types of workout equipment can be used to target this area and give your bustline a boost.


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Free Weights and Weight Benches

Although it might seem pretty basic, one of the most effective equipment combinations for working the pectoral muscles is free weights and a weight bench. Both barbells and dumbbells can be used in combination with either a horizontal or incline bench to do exercises such as the bench press, chest press and flies, all of which work to strengthen and tone the pecs and provide a lift to the bustline.


Weight Machines

Weight machines are a great alternative to free weights, and most gyms have machines specifically designed to target the pecs. These machines typically combine levers with either weighted plates that can be added or removed, or stacked weights that allow you to select the amount of weight you want to lift. Chest targeting machines that can help improve the bustline include the chest press machine, decline chest press machine, and the seated fly machine.


Resistance Equipment

Some equipment, such as the Pilates reformer and resistance bands, provide resistance without the use of weights. The Pilates reformer is a machine with a pulley system that uses your own body weight to provide resistance. It allows you to do variations of chest presses, flies, and rowing exercises that target the pecs. The same types of exercise can also be performed with resistance bands -- lengths of elastic tubing with handles on each end that can be attached to a door or a hook on a wall.


Stability Ball

A stability ball is a terrific option for an at-home pectoral workout. These large, inflatable balls can be used in place of a workout bench to perform a number of chest-targeting dumbbell exercises. A stability ball can also add extra challenge to basic pushups, another great exercise for working the pecs. Stability balls also have the added benefit of challenging your core and stability muscles as you maintain balance during each exercise.