How to Freeze Green Peppers Without Blanching

Freezing produce is a useful technique for preserving food when it is in season and at peak ripeness. While it is common to blanch peppers prior to freezing them, it is not necessary to preserve the green peppers' texture or flavor. You can freeze green peppers without blanching them, and this method can be a huge time-saver. Keep cleaned, sliced green peppers in your freezer to incorporate into stir-fries, soups and other dishes.

Step 1

Core the peppers with a sharp chef's knife. Discard or compost the stems, pith and seeds.


Step 2

Cut the peppers in half. For rings, cut the green peppers in half along the equator. For all other shapes, cut the peppers in half from north to south. Remove the white pith inside the peppers.

Step 3

Rinse the peppers inside and out with cold running water. This will help remove any remaining seeds and loose pith.


Step 4

Pat the peppers thoroughly dry with a towel. Remove all excess moisture to prevent freezer burn.

Step 5

Slice the peppers. This step is optional; though frozen peppers can be sliced after freezing and prior to use, it may be a little harder on the knife.


Step 6

Package the peppers raw in freezer-safe containers. Leave no empty space in the packaging. The air in the empty space will contribute to freezer burn.

Step 7

Freeze the peppers in the coldest part of the freezer. This will preserve raw, unblanched green peppers.

Things You'll Need

  • Chef's knife

  • Towel

  • Freezer-safe containers


Remember to use the frozen green peppers. Frozen green peppers may experience freezer burn eventually; the trick is to use them up before they become unpalatable.