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Bell Pepper Allergy

A food allergy occurs when a person's immune system reacts to a particular food. While a food allergy can occur in response to an...

Which Hot Peppers Speed Up Your Metabolism Best?

Hot peppers, or chilis, get their heat from an oily chemical compound called capsaicin, found primarily in the membrane surroundin...

Green Pepper Nutrition Information

According to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, the consumption of bell peppers increased from an average of eight pounds...

Are Green Peppers Low in Carbohydrates?

All vegetables contain at least some carbohydrates -- and green peppers are no exception. However, while starchy vegetables are ca...

How Do I Blanch Green Peppers?

Blanching is a process that involves a short period of boiling or steaming vegetables to halt the enzymes that cause the vegetable...

How to Freeze Cooked Peppers & Onions

Your freezer allows you to store and preserve cooked peppers and onions, whether you've grown a bumper crop or found a sale at...

How to Broil Poblano Peppers in the Oven

Roasted poblano peppers add a wonderful, smokey flavor to your favorite dishes. Instead of buying expensive jars of roasted poblan...

Should I Eat a Raw Bell Pepper?

Bell peppers are a staple in most grocery store produce sections. You may have had bell peppers roasted, steamed or added to a sti...

Which Peppers Are High in Capsaicin?

Capsaicin is a chemical compound found in varying amounts in chili peppers. When it comes in contact with your skin or mucous memb...

How to Cook Pinaupong Manok

Pinaupong manok, or sitting chicken, is a Filipino dish consisting of steamed chicken stuffed with vegetables. The chicken is stea...
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