How to Cut Brie Cheese

Brie is native to France.

If you eat a traditional French meal, you will encounter a cheese course which may include a wheel or wedge of Brie. Or, you may decide to include Brie as one of your hors d'oeuvre offerings. The soft texture and shape of the cheese may make it seem difficult to cut. In reality, cutting Brie is not difficult at all. You can find Brie in most grocery stores or in specialty cheese shops.


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Things You'll Need

  • Serving dish or platter

  • Cheese knife

  • Bowl (optional)

  • Warm water (optional)

  • Plate

Cutting a Wheel

Step 1

Remove the brie from the package and put it on the serving dish or platter. Let it warm to room temperature for at least 30 minutes. Larger wheels of brie may take longer.

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Step 2

Slide the point of the knife in the center of the wheel of brie and pull the blade back toward the outer edge. If the cheese sticks to the blade, you can dip your cheese knife into a bowl of warm water between cuts. This is optional and a matter of personal taste.


Step 3

Slide the blade into the center of the wheel again. Pull the blade back toward the edge at an angle to the first cut to create a wedge.

Step 4

Slide the flat edge of the knife under the wedge and lift to transfer the wedge to a plate.


To cut a portion from a wedge of Brie, always cut along the length of the wedge. Do not cut a communal wedge of brie widthwise. Taking the point for yourself, or “pointing the brie,” is considered a social faux pas.

Do not remove the rind from a communal wedge or wheel of brie. The rind helps keep the cheese contained and removing it may also remove some of the cheese.

Brie is runny at room temperature and some of the cheese may spill over the side as you cut.




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