How to Cook an Alaskan Cod Fillet

A plate of Alaskan cod fillet with vegetables and rice.
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Alaskan cod fillet is a healthy, mild and light dish that you can enjoy any time of the year. Better yet, preparing and cooking cod fillet is simple and quick. Rich in nutrients and protein, you can enjoy this fish in a variety of ways and with a range of seasonings, depending on your preferences. Possible seasonings include butter, fresh herbs, garlic, sesame seeds or sliced almonds.


Step 1

Purchase an Alaskan cod fillet. Possible sources include local farmers' markets and online retailers that sell fish. Your grocery store or health food store might sell Alaskan cod. The amount of fish to use depends on your appetite, but generally a serving is about 4 to 6 oz. per person.

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Step 2

Defrost the Alaskan cod fillet, if it has been in your freezer. Do so by putting it into your refrigerator the day before you plan to cook it. You can also cook a cod fillet that is still frozen. If your cod fillet has not been in the freezer, keep it in the refrigerator until you are ready to cook it.

Step 3

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Step 4

Drizzle several drops of oil, such as olive oil, into a glass baking dish. Spread the oil around the bottom surface of the baking dish. This will help to prevent the fish from sticking to the dish.

Step 5

Rinse the cod fillet under tap water for about a minute. Then allow any excess water to drip from the fish into the sink.


Step 6

Place the Alaskan cod fillet in the center of the baking dish, skin side down.

Step 7

Sprinkle Celtic salt and black pepper on top of the cod fillet, adjusting the amount per your taste.

Step 8

Place the baking dish on the center oven rack. Close the oven.


Step 9

Set your kitchen timer to 10 minutes.

Step 10

Check the cod fillet when the timer rings after 10 minutes. Do so by placing a table fork toward the edge of the cod fillet and flaking a small piece of fish from the rest of the fillet. When the fish separates and flakes easily and looks completely cooked through, it is done. If the fish is not done, reset the timer for 3 minutes. Check the fish again with a fork after the timer rings. Continue this process until the fish is done.

Step 11

Remove the dish from the oven and squeeze lemon juice from the fresh lemon slices onto the top of the Alaskan cod fillet. Add any other seasonings per your preferences.

Things You'll Need

  • Alaskan cod fillet

  • Baking pan, in a size that is larger than your cod fillet

  • Table fork

  • Cooking oil, such as olive oil

  • Sea salt, such as Celtic salt

  • Black pepper

  • Fresh lemon slices

  • Kitchen timer


Grocery stores typically sell Alaskan cod filet at the seafood counter or in the frozen fish section. Shop around to find the best prices. Also keep an eye out for sale prices.


Before eating Alaskan cod fillet, thoroughly check it for bones. Even though it is a fillet, there could still be some bones in it.

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