Sweet Potato Weight Watchers Points

Sweet potatoes for sale at a market.
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Weight Watchers is arguably one of the most well-established weight-loss programs. According to the company's website, millions of people throughout the world have participated since it was first created in the 1960s. The plan allows dieters to choose a food based on its "PointsPlus" value, an amount that's determined by its overall nutritional value.

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Points Value

A small cooked sweet potato -- one that weighs just over 2 ounces, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture -- is worth 2 points in the Weight Watchers system. A medium-sized sweet potato -- or one that weighs around 4 ounces -- counts as 3 Weight Watchers points.


Nutritional Value

Weight Watchers encourages dieters to choose satiating, nutrient-dense foods by assigning them lower point values than less nutritious options. A medium-sized baked sweet potato with skin supplies about 100 calories, serves as an excellent source of vitamins A and C and is a good source of potassium and dietary fiber.


Weight Watchers points don't distinguish between whole and peeled sweet potatoes, but the vegetable's skin is highly nutritious. According to the USDA, whole sweet potatoes are roughly 35 percent higher in vitamin C, 50 percent higher in potassium and 25 percent higher in dietary fiber than those that are peeled.