What Do You Drink When You Have Nausea?

An upset stomach may be treated by sipping different liquids.

The ill feeling you get when your stomach is upset can stop a good time right in its tracks. Several things may cause the problem: food poisoning, infections, motion sickness, pregnancy, concussions or even serious medical conditions like brain tumors or cancer. Whatever the cause, you want to feel better quickly. One of the easiest ways to do this is to sip certain liquids.

Baking Soda

It may sound unappealing, but drinking baking soda dissolved in water is a home remedy known to calm upset stomachs. Mix half a teaspoon into 4-oz of water, mix until completely dissolved, and drink slowly. Check with your doctor before using this antacid remedy in case you have high sodium or should avoid baking soda for other medical reasons.



Drinking ginger ale or ginger tea combines the stomach soothing abilities of sipping liquids with the calming effects of ginger. Ginger, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, is commonly recommended by healthcare professionals to reduce nausea symptoms related to motion sickness, chemotherapy treatments and morning sickness. Ginger is considered an herb so should it be taken in moderation. Excessive doses may lead to heart burn or diarrhea. If you have gallstones, avoid ginger.

Herbal Tea

Other teas besides ginger root may also help ease symptoms of nausea. Try slippery elm, red raspberry, feverfew, barberry, catnip, alfalfa, chamomile, mint or licorice tea, depending on your preference. Also, if your nausea is a result from drinking too much alcohol, adding honey to your tea may reduce your symptoms. Honey is thought to speed up liver alcohol oxidation, according to Benefits of Honey's website, which should speed up hangover recovery.



When an ice-cold drink sounds more comforting, London Health Sciences Centre recommends small sips of flat, caffeine-free sodas. Home Remedies and Natural Cures' website, however, suggests that carbonation may irritate the stomach or bowels in some people, but small amounts should prove more helpful than harmful.

Other Drinks and Tips

Drinking lemonade is suggested by the American Pregnancy Association to ease nausea caused by morning sickness. The Association also recommends drinking small amounts of liquid throughout the day and 30 minutes before meals, but not while eating. Drink beverages slowly and without mixing hot and cold items, says Cleveland Clinic. Clear, low-sodium soups are another option as is wheat germ mixed in water. Watch for signs of dehydration and seek medical attention if symptoms include vomiting and lasts for more than 24 hours.


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