How to Make Bananas Last Longer

Have longer to enjoy your bananas.

Packed with nutrients and equipped with their own carrying case — it's no wonder bananas are the most popular fruit in the United States. Bananas are packed with complex carbohydrates and potassium, which help to provide your body with energy.


Plus, bananas contain a whopping 9 grams of fiber per 1/2 cup and no fat. One common complaint among banana eaters is that they tend to go bad before they're eaten, but by following a few steps, you can make your bananas last longer.

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Step 1: Choose the Right Color

Look for a little bit of green on the end.

Purchase bananas that are green on the ends and yellow in the middle, which means they are slightly under-ripe. Make sure the bananas have no blemishes or brown spots. This will give you more time to get through your bunch.


Step 2: Store Properly

Hang them to avoid bruising.

Store bananas at room temperature until they are ripe, and avoid exposing them to heat. Hot temperatures will cause the banana to ripen and go bad at a faster rate.


Hang your banana bunch on a banana hanger. This helps to prevent the bananas from getting bruised and going bad too quickly.

Step 3: Refrigerate When Ripe

Refrigerated when ripe.

Place the bananas in the refrigerator once they are ripe. The peel will most likely turn black, but the fruit inside will not be affected in any negative way. The refrigeration will help the fruit to last longer.


Step 4: Freeze for Later

Throw them in a smoothie later!

Freeze your bananas if you do not have time to eat all of them before they turn bad. Peel the bananas and place the fruit in an airtight container in your freezer. Defrost them at a later date to use in baked goods or use them frozen in smoothies.




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