How to Cook a Rolled Beef Chuck Roast in the Oven

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Beef chuck roasts are often irregular in size and shape, which leads to uneven cooking and an unattractive serving display. Chuck roasts are commonly rolled and tied in a uniform round shape to ensure even cooking. One of the most common roasts prepared this way is the chuck eye roast, commonly called inside chuck roll. While you can purchase pre-rolled chuck roasts, you can roll the roast into a cylinder and add a butcher's twine tie every 1-1/2 inches along the roast. Chuck roasts are best when braised in liquid for long periods to break down tough connective tissues.


Step 1

Season the roast generously on all sides with your choice of dry spices, such as basic salt and pepper. You can marinade the roast, if desired, but the roast is braised in liquid to achieve a similar flavoring effect.

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Step 2

Preheat a small amount of oil over medium-high heat in a Dutch oven, using just enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan.

Step 3

Add the rolled chuck roast to the hot oil and sear it for a few minutes on each side until rich brown in color. This seals in the juices and gives the roast a desirable color. Remove the roast from the oil.

Step 4

Saute aromatic vegetables, such as diced carrots, celery and onions, in the oil for a few minutes or until soft. Add your choice of seasonings and spices to flavor the vegetables. This step is optional, but the vegetables help flavor the braising liquid and meat.

Step 5

Place the meat back in the Dutch oven. Add enough of your choice of braising liquid to cover one-third to one-half of the roast height. You can use a single liquid or a blend of several liquids for braising the roast. Try ingredients such as tomato paste, beef broth, apple juice, red wine or water.


Step 6

Preheat the oven to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place a lid over the Dutch oven and place the pan in the oven on the center rack.

Step 7

Cook the rolled beef roast for roughly 3 hours for a 4- to 5-pound roast, or until the meat is fork-tender. Check the roast periodically and spoon the braising liquid over the meat. Add more braising liquid to the pan as needed to maintain the same level of liquid.


Step 8

Remove the pan from the oven and set the roast on a serving plate. Allow the roast to rest for about 10 minutes. Cut the butcher's twine from the roast and serve. If desired, you can use the meat drippings and braising liquid in the pan to make a rich sauce to serve with the roast.

Things You'll Need

  • Assorted spices

  • Dutch oven

  • Oil

  • Tongs

  • Carrots (optional)

  • Celery (optional)

  • Onions (optional)

  • Beef broth, wine, water or similar liquid

  • Serving plate

  • Scissors


Wait until the final hour of cooking if you want to add vegetables to cook with the roast. Try vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, onions and parsnips. The vegetables will become overcooked and mushy if added at the beginning.

A rolled roast isn't necessarily a flat piece of meat that you can roll into a spiral. For example, if one end of the roast is wider than the other, you can tie the large end up tight to make it closer in size to the smaller end. Similarly, if the roast is wedge-shaped or has a loose flap so one side is narrower, you can roll the larger side of the roast over onto the narrow side to make a more uniform shape. A roast can also be cut in a spiral so it's flat, filled with ingredients such as spinach and onions and rolled up into a pinwheel before tying.

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