Stretching Exercises for Height Growth

Being tall doesn't always have to be related to your genes.

Increased height is a desire you might have. Some people have tried surgery, medicine, growth supplements and even acupressure. These treatments can be expensive and results are not guaranteed. However, certain stretching exercises can help lengthen your body, as well as give you proper alignment and posture.


One of the reasons a person looks shorter than his natural height is because of gravity. You are probably in a vertical position most of the day, making your joints and spine compressed. The best way to counteract this is to stretch the spine. Hanging on a horizontal bar is one of the best ways to stretch your spine, with the body fully extended. Hang from the bar with your hands as close together as possible, the palms facing front and the arms, shoulders and hips relaxed. When beginning this stretching exercise, try to do it for 20 seconds. Get off the bar and rest before repeating the exercise. Repeat at least three times on the first try and gradually increase the difficulty by adding ankle weights.

Alternate Leg Kick

This stretching exercise for height growth is also known as the dry land swim, an exercise that focuses on the lower back. Lie on the floor face down with the body fully stretched and palms down. Raise the left arm straight out and up and lift the right leg off the floor, keeping it straight and up as far as you can go for at least four seconds. Repeat using the right arm and left leg. The goal for this exercise, which should be done at least three times a week, is to hold the position for 20 seconds on each side. Increase the resistance and fully tone the lower back muscles by adding wrist and ankle weights.

Pelvic Shift

Lie on an exercise mat with the shoulders flat on the floor, arms stretched out on the sides with palms down. The knees should be bent and the feet drawn close to the buttocks. Arch your back so the pelvis is lifted and keep the spine straight and the shoulders pressing down on the floor. Tuck the buttocks and let the strength of the legs and shoulders support your weight. Hold the position for at least 20 seconds before gently lowering the torso. Most exercises are repeated at least six to eight times -- gradually increase the number of repetitions and length of time.

Super Stretch

One simple stretching exercise for height growth can be done standing up, lying down or even when sitting in front of the TV or computer. Thread your fingers together and with the palms facing up stretch the torso as far as you can go, holding the position for four to seven seconds. Do as many repetitions as possible. This stretching exercise is very easy to do and can relieve fatigue and improve circulation. Use this combination with another super stretch that involves facing a wall and reaching up as far as you can go, raising the body on your tip toes.


Yoga is a series of exercises that gives balance to the body. It stretches your whole body, focusing on the spine and improving your posture. Stretching the spine removes the decompression on the vertebra due to gravity and poor posture habits. Yoga will help you gain some increase in height with continued practice. Three yoga exercises that can be done are sukhasana where the exerciser sits on the floor cross-legged and hands resting on the knees. The focus is on deep regular breathing, raising the arms while inhaling and slowly exhaling as you bring the arms down to the starting position. The other two stretching exercises that can be done are trikonasana and cat and dog.