Best Vitamins to Take for Daily Energy for Men Over 40

Sometimes you need supplements to improve your energy.
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If you're an over-40 male who is tired all the time, it's not just because of your age. It turns out that chronic exhaustion can be a sign of a medical issue. Or it may mean that you need to get more active.


There are vitamins you can take that may improve your energy. And if you talk to your doctor, you may find that you have deficiencies that need supplementation to enhance your fuel levels.

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Signs You're Not Just Tired

You may be thinking to yourself that getting tired is just part of getting older. And while it may be true that a lot of people get more tired as they age, it doesn't have to be the case. If you talk to your doctor about your fatigue, they can help you to figure out the source.

Before you make an appointment, check yourself for some common signs that your fatigue is more than exhaustion:

  • You're too tired to do the things that you love to do.
  • You wake up from a full night's sleep still feeling exhausted.
  • You lack the energy or motivation to start your day.
  • You intermittently experience periods of extreme exhaustion that come on as quickly as they go.


Several medical issues can cause fatigue. It may be something simple like a vitamin deficiency or sleep issues. Fatigue will often accompany depression and anxiety, even in mild forms. Whatever is the cause, it's essential that you see a doctor to help you figure out the best plan for you.

Vitamins for Energy for Men

You get your energy from food, and while vitamins assist in energy production, they aren't the source of it. So while vitamins can help you with your fatigue, you also need to make sure you're eating food high in quality nutrients regularly.


Some vitamins will flush out of your system when you take too many; others will build up and become toxic. So, it's a good idea to talk to your doctor before adding a vitamin to your regimen. You may very well find that you need these vitamins, or you may find that your energy loss has another cause. Either way, your doctor is the best guide to the right men's health vitamins for your specific needs.

Vitamin B for Men

The B vitamins, a group of eight water-soluble vitamins your body needs in small amounts. are one of the more common vitamins for energy for men. You can find them in multivitamins and several energy drinks. Is that because the B vitamins provide you with power?



Well, B vitamins do help break down carbs and fats to create energy. They does this by assisting in the process of converting food to adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the energy your body uses. The B vitamins also help transport energy-containing nutrients around the body improving energy flow.

But if your diet is already full of all of the B vitamins that you need, it probably won't do much to improve your energy. That's because it's already doing all of that work to create energy for you, and your body only needs small amounts of the B vitamins to do the job.


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Vitamin D for Men

If you live in a place that's overcast in the winter, you've probably heard you should supplement vitamin D. But it turns out that vitamin D deficiency is less common than perceived. And it's most common during those dark winter months.


You may, however, find that you are deficient. In which case, low vitamin D is prevalent in patients presenting with symptoms of fatigue according to a study in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences August 2014 issue.

Improving those vitamin D levels results in significant improvement of the fatigue. So, while vitamin D may not provide you energy, it helps those with fatigue, at least partially related to a deficiency, get their stamina back.


There's also a link between vitamin D deficiency and metabolic issues according to a study in the June 2015 issue of Menopause Review. Since food is the primary source of energy, problems with your metabolic process can result in a decrease in energy.

And if your fatigue is from anxiety, there's evidence vitamin D deficiencies may be the culprit as well. Similarly, a study in Psychiatry Research in May 2015 linked D deficiencies to depression, another cause of exhaustion.


Coenzyme Q10 for Men

You may not have heard of this vitamin, but it's gaining in popularity among men's health vitamins. CoQ10, as it's known for short, is in about every cell of your body. And it can help in your body's production of energy. While there isn't a single best vitamin for men over 40, CoQ10 is popular for combating the tiring effects of aging.

CoQ10 helps to convert food into energy. It naturally occurs in the body and is also an excellent antioxidant. Coenzyme Q10 helps the mitochondria function at its best according to a study in the February 2018 issue of Frontiers in Physiology. Since the mitochondria is where you make ATP, it can improve energy production.

It may lower blood sugar, so those with diabetes especially need to talk to their doctors before starting this vitamin.

Lifestyle Changes for Energy Improvement

While you may think that taking the best multivitamin for men over 40 is the way to increased energy, there are other solutions. And if it turns out your fatigue isn't related to a medical issue, then you may find that lifestyle changes have a more significant impact.

You need to get enough sleep, but if you're having sleep issues, taking sleep medications can increase exhaustion. You may try melatonin instead, according to a study in the June 2014 issue of BioMed. Melatonin can be beneficial for those dealing with jet lag or insomnia. It helps your body return to its natural sleep rhythms, improving sleep functions overall.

Another necessary lifestyle change is becoming more active, sitting less and doing more. While you may not feel you have the energy for this now, walking for 30 minutes a day can lead to an overall increase in your energy. And of course, diet is going to play an essential role in how much you can do since food is your fuel for action.


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Diet for Energy

You've probably heard about diets for medical conditions and diets for losing weight. But have you considered tailoring your diet to improve your energy?

To maintain high fuel levels, it's vital that you don't skip meals. It's easier for your body to turn smaller meals into energy, so try sticking to small portions. While your meal sizes aren't large, you still need to keep up your caloric intake by eating snacks between meals. And to avoid that afternoon crash, eat a lighter lunch, large lunches may cause the 3 p.m. slug.

You may have the inclination to use caffeine to supplement your energy. While this is effective, too much caffeine will cause energy problems down the road. So be smart about your consumption and limit it as much as possible. Instead, eat nutrient-rich foods that supply your body with everything it needs to keep you energized.




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