Are Eggs OK to Eat on a Yeast-Control Diet?

Eggs are fine to eat on a yeast-control diet.
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People who suffer from frequent yeast infections sometimes try a yeast-control diet as an alternative remedy. Although the evidence supporting these diets is limited, some people find that they feel better after following one. This may simply be because these diets eliminate many less-healthy and processed foods, resulting in a healthier diet, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. While many foods are forbidden on this type of diet, eggs aren't one of them.


Diet Basics

Yeast-control diets, such as the candida diet, focus on eliminating sugar and yeast from the diet. These diets can be quite restrictive, with many eliminating baked goods, fruits, most processed foods, alcohol, aged cheeses, vinegar, peanuts, chocolate, mushrooms, sugars and grains containing gluten. You can eat most protein-rich foods, including eggs, because they don't contain yeast or sugar, as well as most vegetables, gluten-free grains, seeds and nuts.

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