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Special Dietary Considerations

The Truth Behind Gluten-Free

In recent years, it seems that Gluten has become persona non grata in nutrition conversations. Celebrities have been known to avoi...

What's Really Inside Taco Bell's Crunchy Beef Taco?

Taco Bell doesn't just head south of the border – it crosses all the way over into dangerous high-fat, high-sodium terri...

Do Certain Vitamins Help You Sleep?

As nice as it would be, taking vitamins won’t help you fall asleep, but a diet that helps you meet the recommended intake of...

After Birth Diet

Birth is both an amazing and a traumatic experience. It is usually joyous and not emotionally traumatic, yet it can be incredibly ...

Vitamins That Help You Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest helps you maintain your energy levels throughout the day and supports overall good health. Poor ...

The Best Foods During Chemo

Chemotherapy is a trying time without having to worry about what to eat, so the American Cancer Society recommends preparing ahead...

Remedy Foods for Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis refers to inflammation of abnormal pouches called diverticula that develop in the intestinal wall. According to the...

About Nutramigen Infant Formula

Anyone can develop an allergy to milk, but it is most common in infants, affecting 2 percent to 3 percent, according to the KidsHe...

14 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Your metabolism determines your daily energy needs and how efficiently you burn calories. If you increase your energy needs by rai...

Lactose-Free Cream Substitutes

Lactose intolerance is a disorder characterized by an inability to break down the sugar found in milk — lactose — due ...
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