Weight Watchers Points for Corn on the Cob

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Pull back fibrous green husks and sink your teeth into the rows of plump, sweet kernels: Corn on the cob is a taste of summer. You can enjoy the sweet grain guilt-free. It's low-calorie, low-fat, free of sodium and cholesterol and a good source of vitamin C. Corn on the cob is a healthy choice if you are following the Weight Watchers diet plan, too.

Flavor Without Fat

A small ear of white or yellow corn has 1 point. A large ear of either variety has 2 points. A juicy ear of corn dripping with butter is a treat, but the fat will double, triple or quadruple your points. One teaspoon of margarine or butter has 1 point. A tablespoon of a buttery spread has 1 to 2 points, depending on the type. To save points, make your corn flavorful with a sprinkle of no-sodium seasoning or fresh herbs and spices like dill or cilantro.

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