Does Yoga Make Your Butt Bigger?

Yoga is the ancient practice of postures, meditation and breathing exercises designed to promote total wellness. There are many different types of yoga, ranging from purely meditative to physically demanding. The physical practice of yoga may increase muscular definition, which may add to the appearance a healthy-looking butt. In some circumstances, this effect may reduce butt size as fat diminishes; in others, it may increase the size of your behind as muscle increases.



Yoga poses such as Warrior, Chair, Triangle and Bridge all use core strength and promote muscle tone in the buttocks. As muscle strength is increased, fat is reduced through a combination of metabolic increase and caloric burn. Fat found in the butt region is typically the last area to be reduced during weight loss; however, with persistence, this region will follow suit as the rest of the body improves in overall fitness and toning.


The butt muscles are some of the largest muscles in the body. In a sedentary lifestyle, these muscles are typically used more as cushions for sitting than the dynamic powerhouses they were meant to be. Yoga offers these muscles a gentle, yet highly effective way to increase strength and improve overall shape.

Yoga Butt

With current trends leaning toward the desirability of "yoga butt," it's important to look at what that phrase really means. Unlike the increasing trend toward butt implants, which come with possible medical complications and risks, achieving a yoga butt is really about increasing overall strength and health. Although surgical procedures may mimic the desired yoga butt, they cannot offer the health benefits of improved endurance, flexibility or improved muscle tone that yoga provides. Additionally, yoga butt is really the hard-earned symbol of overall health that yoga as a regular practice can offer, which is, ultimately, what makes it desirable and appealing.

Specialty Yoga

Toning and firming your butt through a regular yoga practice may be hastened by practicing Bikram or hot yoga. Practiced in a studio heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and fitted with far infrared lighting, this series of 26 postures and breathing exercises deepens the health benefits of traditional Hatha yoga with increased strength, flexibility and overall weight loss. Rapid removal of body toxins stored in fat tissue is believed to promote overall wellness while improving total body tone and physical well-being.

Health Considerations

The addition of yoga to your daily life, whether for mental well-being, physical improvement, or simply aesthetic shaping, is typically safe for most age groups and life stages. However, it is always wise to consult a physician before embarking on any new yogic regime. If you have any specific health or physical restrictions, talk with your yoga teacher for instruction about modifications that may benefit your practice.

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