1,700-Calorie High-Protein Diet for Men

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Men who eat 1,700 calories a day will likely lose weight, according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010. High-protein diets increase satiety, help your body burn extra calories and are often effective for weight loss, according to a 2008 review published in "The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" and a study published in 2012 in "Physiology and Behavior." Protein also helps men maintain lean muscle mass during periods of calorie restriction and weight loss.


Protein-Rich Foods

Choosing at least one high-protein food at each meal and snack helps men seeking weight loss stick with a 1,700-calorie daily allotment and effectively shed pounds. Examples of protein-rich foods include grilled chicken breast containing 27 grams of protein per 3-ounce portion, lean ground beef providing 21 grams in each 3-ounce portion, low-fat cottage cheese containing 28 grams of protein per cup, 1 cup of low-fat yogurt providing 13 grams and 1 cup of low-fat milk containing 8 grams of dietary protein, reports the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


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1,700-Calorie Meal Plan

Using a the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 sample healthy meal plans as a reference, a 1,700-calorie plan may consist of 1.5 cups of fruits, 2 cups of vegetables, 5 ounces of grains, 5 ounces of protein foods, 3 cups of dairy products, 5 teaspoons of oils and 141 extra calories daily. To maximize the protein content of this meal plan, choose foods from the oils group that are rich in protein -- such as nuts, seeds and nut butters -- and choose your extra 141 calories from protein-rich foods.


Sample Menu

For breakfast, try two slices of whole-grain toast, four egg whites, one slice of reduced-fat cheese and 1/2 cup of honeydew melon. A morning snack may consist of 1 cup of plain, nonfat Greek yogurt, 1 cup of sliced strawberries and 1 ounce of almonds. For lunch, try 1 cup of sliced cucumbers, 3 ounces of grilled chicken breast and 1/2 cup of cooked quinoa. A healthy afternoon snack might include 2 cups of low-fat milk and 1 ounce of peanuts. For dinner, try 3 ounces of baked tilapia, 2 teaspoons of olive oil, 1 cup of brown rice and 1 cup of cooked asparagus.


Benefits of Exercise

Men who combine exercise with 1,700-calorie, high-protein diets often effectively burn body fat. For best fat-loss results, participate in a variety of resistance-training and cardiovascular workouts. A high protein intake helps prevent loss of lean muscle tissue during periods of calorie restriction, and it maximizes fat loss in individuals who exercise regularly, according to a review published in 2011 in the "Journal of Sports Sciences."



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