What Are Braggs Amino Acids?

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Bragg Amino Acids, also known as Bragg's Liquid Aminos, is a non-fermented soy sauce used to season foods. Bragg, the manufacturer of this product, has trademarked this seasoning. Further, Bragg claims that this product is a good source of amino acids, containing 16 of the 20 amino acids found in nature.


Nutrition Facts

Half a teaspoon serving of Bragg Liquid Aminos has zero calories, 160 mg of sodium representing 6 percent of your daily value and 100 mg of carbohydrates. Additionally, this product contains 310 mg of protein and 16 amino acids, alanine, methionine, arginine, phenylalanine, aspartic acid, proline, glutamic acid, serine, glycine, threonine, histidine, tyrosine, isoleucine, valine, leucine and lysine. Bragg Liquid Aminos contain no chemicals, no artificial coloring, no gluten, no alcohol or preservatives. Additionally, the product has a non-genetically modified organism certification.


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Bragg advertises this product as a seasoning for salads, soups, dressings, vegetables, tofu, rice, beans, stir-fries, potatoes, poultry, casseroles, meats, jerky, macrobiotics, fish, popcorn, gravies and sauces. The manufacturer also claims that the production process for this product uses non-genetically modified, or non-GMO, soybeans with purified water and the product has received certification from the non-GMO Project. You can use Bragg Liquid Aminos as a substitute for tamari and soy sauces.


Bragg’s Amino Acids and MSG

Monosodium glutamate is a compound used to enhance the flavor of foods, and you can find MSG in many packaged and processed foods. MSG is a derivative of glutamic acid made through fermentation. Every hydrolyzed protein contains MSG as the MSG is a byproduct of the hydrolyzation process. As a hydrolyzed protein product, Bragg Amino Acids do contain MSG. MSG acts as a neurotropic drug in your body, meaning it affects your nervous system. Therefore, many individuals have an allergy to products containing MSG. If you have any allergy to MSG, you should not consume Bragg Amino Acids.


Bottom Line

Bragg Amino Acids is a processed food product containing 310 mg of protein. As a source of protein, Bragg Amino Acids has less than 1 percent of your daily recommended protein value. The product does not, however, contain many of the chemicals found in other types of condiments, making this product a reasonably good choice to add flavor to other food items. You should always pay attention to the ingredients listed on the product label, and stop using the product should you experience an allergic reaction to any of those ingredients.




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