Food and Weight Loss

Woman preparing Caprese salad on chopping board
close up of man cutting potatoes on wooden cutting board
Watermelon sliced on wooden background
Tofu and vegetable skewers
Woman in jeans and sweater eating healthy oatmeal porriage
Top view of a banana ice cream Weight Watchers snack in a bowl
eggs Benedict with salmon and avocado on a wooden board
Low-calorie bean burgers with side salad
Beef Bourguignon
Redhead woman searching for something in kitchen cabinet.
Homemade Barbecue Chicken Pizza
Woman reading food labels at grocery store
Two fresh salad bowls on a wooden table
Vegetarian homemade tacos with sauteed greens, parmesan cheese, yogurt dipping sauce
An unrecognizable woman eating chia seed pudding with raspberries and peaches in a glass jar
A brunette woman eating foods to lose weight at home
Top view of bibimbap high-fiber lunch
Top view of three colorful milkshakes or smoothies on a wooden table
Close view of a plate of spaghetti with shrimp and parsley
Homemade Southwestern Mexican Quinoa Salad
Cauliflower “Grilled Cheese” sandwich
Woman drinking fresh orange juice
Close-Up Of Young Woman Eating Hot Dog On Street
Young woman checks yogurt ingredients while grocery shopping
Top view of a grilled corn and black bean salad with tomatoes and onions
Illustration concept of a person's hand saying no to sugary foods like chocolate, candy and cupcakes
An older man making a salad in his kitchen
Fresh and colorful tuna salad weight loss recipes
A young woman eating a hamburger at an amusement park
A woman reading nutrition labels on frozen food items in a supermarket
Overhead shot of friends at a table sharing take-away pizzas
Top view of a table set with holiday food
a woman's hand reaching for a doughnut on a coffee table with mug and fork
Portrait of young woman eating bagel outdoors on a refeed day
Friends eating burgers and trying to figure out how to stop overeating
A couple cooking together at home
A woman eating a snack in the kitchen because she's still hungry
An unrecognizable woman eating a bowl of yogurt with granola and almonds on top
Rear view of a hungry woman looking in the fridge for something to eat
Food combining breakfast smoothie bowl topped with fresh fruit
A woman eating a healthy breakfast at home
Top view of a chaga mushroom latte set on a patterned tablecloth
Salmon fillet topped with dill and garlic, served with lemon and rosemary
Woman holding bunch of kale at farmer's market
Hands holding a serving of fresh strawberries
Kelly LeVeque
Sports woman jogging upstairs
American foods like pizza and Cobb salad spread out on a table
Glasses of fresh juice on wooden table
Exercising Together
Brittany D. lost 70 pounds.
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Errick stands on his balcony
Man and woman passing a tomato salad at a summer picnic
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Mindy’s Before and After photos
salad ingredients bowl with chicken, greens and veggies
Yogurt, granola, seeds, fresh, dry fruits and honey in bowl
The 69th Annual Parsons Benefit
Top view of several white bowls holding a variety of spices
Female eating spaghetti, overhead view
Grilled white fish on top of mashed potatoes and green beans
woman with a mandarin on her belly

15 Foods That Help You Peel Off the Pounds

Woman grocery shopping
Woman Weighing Herself
woman measuring her waist while holding an apple
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