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Food and Weight Loss

LIVESTRONG Success Story: Ashley Donahoo

Two years ago, my life was completely different from what it is today. Back then, I couldn’t even walk down our city block. ...

Lose Weight by Eating More? The Surprising Truth About Reverse Dieting

Repair your metabolism and lose body fat with a new approach called reverse dieting — gradually increasing calories to help you...

What?! A High-Protein Weight-Loss Diet Won’t Make You Healthier?

A new study has found that even though you may lose weight, you might not actually be getting healthier from a high protein diet....

Foods to Eat to Get Rid of Visceral Abdominal Fat

Visceral abdominal fat is considered particularly dangerous because it encases the internal organs, excretes toxic substances into...

Foods That Help You Lose Weight Quickly

While weight loss requires consuming fewer calories than you burn, eating certain foods may make this process easier. Even though ...

The Best Protein Bars to Lose Weight

Not all protein bars are created equal, but if you choose the right type, they can be part of a balanced, reduced-calorie weight l...

Why Can You Put 5 Pounds on in Two Days & It Takes Forever to Lose?

It can be discouraging -- although not necessarily surprising -- to see a massive jump in the scale after a night of indulging in ...

Top 10 Fat-Burning Foods

No food, regardless of how much you consume, will cause fat to just fall off your body. But, certain foods are more likely than ot...

Good Breakfast Diet Foods

Doughnuts might sound delicious first thing in the morning, but your body will thank you for pushing them aside and picking up a p...

Foods to Eat on the Dr. Oz Diet

“Dr. Oz” is a household name and an established brand – TV personality, columnist for popular magazines and auth...
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