Food and Weight Loss

A young woman eating a hamburger at an amusement park
Overhead shot of friends at a table sharing take-away pizzas
Top view of a table set with holiday food
A woman's hand reaching for a doughnut in her desk drawer
Portrait of young woman eating bagel outdoors on a refeed day
Friends eating burgers and trying to figure out how to stop overeating
A couple cooking together at home
A woman eating a snack in the kitchen because she's still hungry
An unrecognizable woman eating a bowl of yogurt with granola and almonds on top
Rear view of a hungry woman looking in the fridge for something to eat
Food combining breakfast smoothie bowl topped with fresh fruit
Top view of a chaga mushroom latte set on a patterned tablecloth
Kelly LeVeque
Sports woman jogging upstairs
American foods like pizza and Cobb salad spread out on a table
Exercising Together
Glasses of fresh juice on wooden table
Brittany D. lost 70 pounds.
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Scott runs down the street.
Errick stands on his balcony
Man and woman passing a tomato salad at a summer picnic
Tasty burger in woman’s hands. Takeaway junk food top view. Unhealthy meals and hurry eating, friendship and sharing time together concept
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salad ingredients bowl with chicken, greens and veggies
69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Show
Yogurt, granola, seeds, fresh, dry fruits and honey in bowl
woman holding salad
The 69th Annual Parsons Benefit
Top view of several white bowls holding a variety of spices
Female eating spaghetti, overhead view
Italian antipasto on table.

14 Foods to Help You Get Lean

woman with a mandarin on her belly

15 Foods That Help You Peel Off the Pounds

Woman grocery shopping
Woman Weighing Herself
woman measuring her waist while holding an apple
hainanese food chicken steamed rice and vegetables
West african food assortment
Healthy dessert with yogurt, nuts, oats and blueberries
Tomatoes with green salad and kitchen processor
Ginger tea
Fruit salad
Healthy breakfast: oatmeal porridge
Wrapping tortilla around filling, close up
Slice of bread with Tuna salad
close-up of a sliced avocado on a plate
Six lentil bowls on wood background from directly above
Woman eating breakfast
Fresh Pears, Blue Cheese salad with vegetable green mix, walnuts, cranberry. healthy food
Vegetable salad
Chicken cutlet with a salad with arugula
Raw beef steak and spices
bowl of oat granola with yogurt, fresh raspberries, blueberries
Kiwi juice over wooden table
Healthy Meal with fruit
Farmers Market

Is Honey Fattening?

Bowl of oatmeal porridge with banana and blueberry on vintage table top view in flat lay style. Homemade breakfast.
Egg White Omelet
boiled eggs in hands on a wooden background
​​peach syrup in glass jar
woman pointing at her abs
Bowl of almonds on a white background