Raspy Voice After Jogging

A raspy voice after jogging may be caused by a dry throat or allergies.
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If you're experiencing a raspy voice after jogging, it may be related to a dry throat or exercise-induced asthma. When your vocal cords become irritated or inflamed, it causes hoarseness, and that can lead to laryngitis. Most of the time laryngitis is associated with a cold or other illness, but it may be caused by vocal cord irritants or allergens that you breath in during jogging.



When you breathe during jogging, air goes through your vocal cords. If you're breathing in and out through your mouth in a dry environment, you might get a dry throat, which is a symptom of laryngitis. It's beneficial to keep your throat moist to reduce hoarseness. Refrain from using decongestants before you jog as this can dry out the throat and lead to more strain on your voice. Drink plenty of water after you jog and throughout the day to stay hydrated and moisten your throat. It might also be helpful to hold a piece of gum in your mouth between your teeth while you jog to encourage moisture.


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A cause of laryngitis or a raspy voice is allergies, which might be especially bothersome when you jog. You may inhale allergens like cat dander, tree and weed pollen, mold spores, dust and whatever else your body perceives as an allergen. When you are inhaling allergens rapidly during a jog, they coat your vocal cords and cause swelling and hoarseness. To manage allergies when you jog, take an over-the-counter or prescribed nondrowsy allergy medication. Avoid running outside when the pollen count is high. As an alternative to an outdoor jog, run on a treadmill indoors.


Exercise Induced Asthma

If you have allergies, you may be more likely to have exercise-induced bronchoconstricion, or EIB. Symptoms of EIB include wheezing, coughing, a tight chest and shortness of breath. Intense coughing might irritate your vocal cords and cause a raspy voice.

To avoid episodes of EIB during jogging, refrain from jogging in very cold, dry air. Also, be aware of the worst allergy times. Spring is typically the worst time of year for allergies, so if you go out jogging and have EIB, take an inhaler. You can also wear a face mask to reduce your risk of having an attack.


Consult Your Doctor

If your voice is raspy after every jog and doesn't improve despite self-care measures, see your doctor. If you have allergies or EIB that you think may be causing voice problems, consult your doctor for treatment.




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