Exercises With the Adonis Belt

Exercises With the Adonis Belt
Exercises With the Adonis Belt (Image: antondotsenko/iStock/Getty Images)

The attractive and athletic figure from Greek mythology known as Adonis sported the first "Adonis belt" -- the "V" that you might see at the bottom of your abs if your body fat is low enough.

Even though the Adonis Belt is named after a male figure, females can achieve this look as well. It's seen as a symbol of absolute fitness, just like the six-pack.

What is the Adonis Belt?

The area where the ab, hip and thigh muscles meet makes up the Adonis belt. They're separated by the inguinal ligament and iliac crest, the top of the hip bone. The abs sit above this separation and the muscles of the hip and thigh sit below.

The Adonis Belt is difficult to see in most people because you need to have a very low body fat percentage for it to be visible. It can also be difficult to see if you're wearing clothes because most of Adonis Belt is actually below the belt line. When you can see the Adonis Belt, it looks like a "V" at the bottom of the abdomen that points down towards the groin.

Can You Train the Adonis Belt?

The area of the Adonis Belt that creates separation between your hips and abdominals is made of the inguinal ligament and hip bone, neither of which you can train. You can, however, train the muscles above and below these lines of separation.

The ab muscles above the line of separation include the rectus abdominis -- which lies in the center of your abdomen. The muscles at the sides of your waist, the external obliques and internal obliques as well as the deep transversus abdominis also exist above the line. All of the ab muscles are connected to the hip bone via the same tendon, called the linea alba.

Below the line of the Adonis Belt are your thigh and hip muscles. The most visible hip muscles are the glutes and tensor fasciae latae, which move the hip away from the body. The gluteus medius is the closest of the glute muscles to the Adonis Belt and looks like a fan-shaped muscle. The most visible thigh muscles are the rectus femoris and sartorius which flex the hip. To target the muscles at the top of your thigh, known as the hip flexors, use standing banded knee raises. To target the muscles on the side of your hip, the hip abductors, use side-lying leg raises.

Ab Exercises

These exercises target the obliques and lower abs, the most visible parts of the Adonis Belt, to give the muscles more definition. All of this hard work will pay off once your body fat is low enough to see the muscles, which you can achieve through an excellent diet and lots of activity.

Hip Exercises

These exercises target the hip flexors, the muscles at the top of your thigh, and hip abductors, the muscles on the side of you hip.

You'll need a mini-resistance band for the first exercise, which is a small, circular, resistance band.


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