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Ozonated olive oil massages remove lactic acid after excercise.
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Olive oil has a long history of use as an herbal remedy used to restore the suppleness of the skin. You can use olive oil on rashes, wrinkles, sores, sunburns, cuts, infections and as a beauty aid. Some manufacturers have started to blend olive oil with a patented technology that injects ozone into the olive oil. Before using ozonated olive oil to treat any medical condition, you should first speak with a medical professional.

Production of Ozonated Olive Oil

In order to produce ozonated olive oil, manufacturers use high-quality, organic, extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive oil. The production involves a process of ozone injection carried out by bubbling ozone into the olive oil for long periods of time. Manufacturers commonly use either a coronal discharge ozone generator or a cold plasma ozone generator to produce the ozonated olive oil. Coronal discharge ozone generators can lead to contamination, so you should look for ozonated olive oil products manufactured using a cold plasma ozone generator.

Ozonated Olive Oil and Skin Infections

You can use ozonated olive oil products to treat conditions of the skin involving inflammation, such as dermatitis and seborrhea. Additionally, ozonated olive oil can treat bacterial infections of the skin such as leg ulcers, fungal infections, fistulae, bed sores, hemorrhoids, gingivitis, bee stings, acne, ringworm and insect bites. Further, ozonated olive can also help to prevent secondary infections that result from the post-surgical treatment of wounds.

Benefits of Ozonated Olive Oil as a Paste

Bubbling ozonated olive oil for three weeks can create an olive oil paste. You can use this paste for massage and your body will absorb the ozonide into its tissues, resulting in the oxidation of lactic acid and toxins in your body. Ozonated olive oil paste can also stimulate the growth of your skin cells, cleanse and sterilize your epidermis, remove harmful toxins in your skin, reduce swelling and inflammation and aid in the reduction of scarring.

Other Benefits

You can also use ozonated olive oil to calm nerves and reduce the amount of pain associated with skin conditions. Additionally, ozonated olive oil can remove makeup, increase cellular function and cellular memory, treat insect bites and stings, function as a natural underarm deodorant, treat hemorrhoids and help to reduce cellulite.

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