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Brita filters are one of the most popular brands of consumer water filters. These filters can be used on water sources in the home or included in a special Brita filter pitcher designed to filter your water while keeping it cold. These products hold no health benefits, but they may help reduce the risk of future health problems stemming from free-radical damage due to pollutants in the water.


Brita water is purified water that has been sent through a special carbonated filter. These filters can be attached to sink taps or put into a Brita filter pitcher specially designed to filter water as you pour it in. These filters are used to take away chlorine, lead, copper and other impurities in your water. Brita filters also filter out pesticides and insecticides that may have contaminated your household water.


Drinking water regularly helps to mobilize vitamins and minerals throughout the body; this ensures optimal health. The Brita water filter makes water tastes better, which makes you more likely to drink more of it, according to the Brita site. The daily recommendation for water intake is 2 liters or eight glasses. Drinking plenty of water will ward off dehydration and help naturally flush impurities from the body.


Drinking Brita water from the tap or from the pitcher helps the environment by reducing the amount of plastic bottles discarded. In addition, it also saves electric by reducing the need of boiling water to purify it. Although the filters contain no specific health benefits, they are designed to help reduce the amount of toxins entering the body.


Brita filters are designed to filter out impurities from your water; however, if you do not change your Brita filter in the recommended time, it may be less effective. If you see tiny carbon pieces inside of your pitcher or glass, your filter may need to be changed. According to Water Industry, if you do not change you Brita filter within six months it becomes useless. Brita filters do not kill microorganisms or bacteria.

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