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If you recently started Medifast, a low-glycemic, calorie-controlled diet, you likely have questions regarding what foods and beverages you must avoid or limit. Medifast offers support documents such as a quick-start guide to help you understand the system. The Medifast plan involves consuming individually portioned meals purchased from the company, designed to assist you with your weight-loss goals. Aside from the Medifast meals, you are allowed to drink low-fat, low-calorie beverages.

Java Guidelines

If you're like most people, you probably can't imagine going without your daily cup of coffee. With the Medifast plan, you don't have to. The Medifast plan outlines specific coffee recommendations. Stick to regular coffee with 1 tablespoon of low-fat or fat-free creamer, half and half, skim milk or sugar-free flavorings, recommends the Medifast Product and Plan FAQs. Avoid coffee drinks that are laden with extra calories, such as lattes. The goal is to reduce your overall calorie and fat intake to facilitate weight loss. As an alternative, Medifast offers its own low-calorie latte and cappuccino versions.

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