I Was Stretching My Right Arm and I Have a Bad Pain

Woman with pain in her right arm.

If you notice pain while stretching your right arm, it's likely you have an arm strain or sprain. The symptoms of strains and sprains are similar, but they affect different parts of your anatomy. Always consult with your doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment of the pain in your arm.



A sprain will cause pain, swelling and the inability to efficiently use the joint. You may notice bruising around the joint region that's injured. At the time of injuring your right arm, you may have noticed a popping sound in your arm. A strain also has pain and swelling. You may have muscle spasms, cramping and limited ability moving the muscle. If a strain or sprain is severe, you will be unable to use your arm because of the intensity of the pain.


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A sprain occurs when you have enough force placed on your arm so that the joint moves out of its normal position. As the joint moves, the ligaments become stretched or torn. If the sprain is severe, the ligament can be completely torn. A strain is most likely the cause of pain while stretching your right arm, which occurs from lifting an object inappropriately, overuse of the muscles and tendons, or excessive pulling on the muscles. Repetitive motions or a recent injury can also result in an arm strain.



You can start treatment at home by resting your arm and icing it for 20 minutes every three hours. Compress your arm with a wrap or brace, but keep the compression loose enough that it doesn't allow for proper circulation. Elevate your arm above heart level to relieve swelling. Minimize pain with ibuprofen or acetaminophen. If the ligament is completely torn or the muscle is ruptured, surgery may be necessary. Physical therapy may be needed to improve conditioning of your arm after a strain or sprain.



You can prevent sprains and strains by wearing supportive shoes that fit properly to minimize your risk of falls. Don't participate in physical activity while you're tired or have arm pain. Stretch your muscles daily and nourish your muscles by having a well-balanced diet. Always warm up before participating in physical activity.




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